Tax Preparation Fees

*All below pricing includes both Federal and state filings. The below templates are provided as a guide only and do not guarantee the cost of filing taxes.

Basic Tax Filing

Form 1040 with any combination of two of the following:

One to three W-2s
One to three 1099s
Itemized Deductions

$495 Flat Annual Fee


Intermediate Tax Filing

Basic Tax Filing Plus:

Restricted Stock Units
Incentive Stock Options
Sole Proprietorship
Rental Property or K-1
Multi-State Filing
Foreign Income/Accounts

$750 Flat Annual Fee


Advanced Tax Filing

Intermediate Tax Filing Plus:

Multiple Sole Proprietorships
Multiple Rental Properties/K-1s
More than two state filings

$995 Flat Annual Fee


Complex Tax Filing

Federal and state income tax filings with more than three sole proprietorships, more than three rental properties or K-1s, and/or three or more state tax filings.

Based on Consultation


S-Corp/Partnership Tax Filing

These tax filings consist of Form 1065 and/or Form 1120S for your partnership or S-Corporation. These entities are “flow-through” tax entities. This means that all income and expenses flow through to the individual partners’ or shareholders’ income tax returns.

$850+ Flat Annual Fee


Trust/Estate Income Tax Filing

Form 1041 – David Beck, CPA is a trust and estate specialist. He frequently advises trustees and executors on income tax planning for estates, grantor trusts, complex trusts, split-interest trusts, and all other trust vehicles.

$850+ Flat Annual Fee

*Not to be confused with an estate tax return (Form 706 – Estate and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Return), a far more in-depth project.

Gift Tax Filing

A gift tax return is filed in any year a taxpayer makes gifts in excess of the annual exclusion amount. The annual exclusion amount as of 2022 is $16,000. If you have made significant gifts to family members, friends, or trusts, let us help you with this required tax filing.

$495+ Flat Annual Fee


Estate Tax Filing

Not to be confused with an estate income tax return, some estates are required to file a tax return that reports the fair market value for all assets held by the individual at date of death.

Custom Fee Arrangement


Estimated Tax Payments

Form 1040-ES – This service is used to produce estimated quarterly tax payments for business owners, rental property owners, and individuals and businesses that receive K-1s. Quarterly estimates are due every quarter for income with no related tax withholding.

$495 Flat Annual Fee


Tax Notice Services

This tax service consists of reviewing and responding to Federal and state tax notices. Many clients receive erroneous tax notices claiming exorbitant amounts due. Let us respond to this notice for you to help reduce or eliminate the tax owed.

$495 Flat Annual Fee


Amended Tax Filing

Form 1040X – This service is for the correction of tax returns which have already been previously filed. This is frequently done for tax returns where certain items of income or expense may have been missed. Many clients amend prior year returns to claim refunds they may have missed out on.

$495 Flat Annual Fee


Tax Advisory Call

If you have general tax questions, questions about filing requirements, or any other advisory needs, we are happy to set up a phone call. Each phone call is set for an interval of thirty minutes and we can discuss whatever you like during that time.

$190 Per Half Hour