Tax Notices

Tax notices can certainly be an unwelcome surprise. Notices from Federal and state governments can vary, ranging from CP2000 notices which inform you of items of income which may have been left off your tax return, or other notices which inform you of past due taxes or past due tax returns.

Our firm assists clients with responding to these notices efficiently and effectively. We will assume responsibility for responding to the appropriate government, whether it includes filing an amended tax return, preparing a “corrected” informational return, or simply composing a letter on your behalf. The main service we provide our clients here is providing peace of mind.

If you receive a notice from the federal or state government requesting payment of taxes, do not make the payment without contacting a certified public accountant. Many of these tax notices are computer generated and erroneousThey often leave out essential financial information and taxpayers end up paying extraordinary amounts of unnecessary tax (many times, there is a loss from sales of securities but the tax notice does not include cost basis!)

Let David Beck, CPA take care of your tax notices.

Remove the worry and stress from your day and allow David to shoulder the burden. Contact our tax CPA for a free consultation on how he can help resolve your tax notice.

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