Tax Problems and Tax Relief

New clients often come to us with various tax problems, requesting tax relief from back taxes due, unfiled tax returns, tax notices, and other burdensome tax issues.

Back Taxes Due

Our firm is frequently approached to assist with back taxes due, especially amounts including penalties. We can absolutely assist with having these penalties removed and/or reduced. It is important to act as early as possible to begin settling any back taxes due. The IRS reacts far more favorably when taxpayers contact them about tax problems before having to contact the taxpayer. Tax relief is available to those who are proactive.

We will communicate with the IRS and negotiate on your behalf. There are several tactics available to our CPAs which can help reduce the amount of back tax and/or penalties due, or have them eliminated completely.

Unfiled Tax Returns

Many new clients inform us that, for whatever reason, they were unable to file tax returns for prior years. If you have lost your tax information or other business and personal records due to the passage of time, we will assist in sorting out your past due tax returns. Our team will guide you through obtaining the necessary materials to straighten out and file your prior year taxes without missing details that may lower your tax obligation.

Past due returns may incur several types of penalties: failure to file, failure to pay and perhaps substantial underpayment penalties. Our firm will help estimate potential failure to file and failure to pay penalties, as well as any interest accumulated on tax amounts due. We will due our utmost to reduce these tax liabilities using the strategies at our disposal.

Tax Notices

Tax notices can certainly be an unwelcome surprise. Notices from the IRS can vary, ranging from requesting more information, questioning mismatched items of income and expense, or flat out demanding more money. Our firm assists clients with responding to these notices efficiently and effectively.

Tax relief from tax notices is available to you. We will assume responsibility for responding to the appropriate governmental entity, whatever this entails. This can include filing an amended tax return, preparing a “corrected” informational return, composing a letter on your behalf, or a combination of these items.

It’s important to note that many clients receive notices for erroneous reasons. In other words, tax notices are very frequently wrong! Taxpayers assume they receive notices only because there was some mistake on their tax return, but this is not the case. The IRS could lack significant information, or relevant context, requesting tax payments from you for no reason! Many notices are computer generated and do not reflect reality. Do not pay these notices before checking with a professional.

We will make sure the information in the notice is accurate, confirm if you owe taxes, or ensure that any errors on government records are corrected. Additionally, if you have paid a notice in the past, we can get this money back for you if you paid in error.

Tax Relief Is Here

Let us assist with your back taxes, unfiled tax returns, and tax notices. Contact our CPAs to assist with tax relief. Call for a free consultation on how we can help resolve your tax problems.

This optional audit package is $50 per month and includes complete audit support.
Please add your questions or concerns regarding services, and/or details regarding your situation.
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