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Individual Income Taxation

Income Tax Preparation NYCFrom his time spent as a tax CPA at several of the largest public accounting firms in the nation, David has become familiar with all manner of tax returns. From servicing the ultra-wealthy to assisting with affordable housing, David has spent years helping individuals with their Federal, New York, and NYC income tax preparation needs.

David services individuals throughout the United States and has vast experience dealing with varying tax returns of states such as New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, and more.

Past Due Tax Returns

David has been frequently approached with requests to reconcile past records and file past-due tax returns. Even if you have lost your tax information, or other business and personal records due to the passage of time, David will assist in sorting out your records. He will guide you through obtaining the necessary materials to straighten out and file your prior-year taxes without missing details that may lower your tax obligation.

Past-due returns incur (at least) two types of penalties: failure to file and failure to pay. It is important to act as early as possible to begin settling any dues to the IRS. David will help estimate potential failure to file and failure to pay penalties that are incurred by clients who have failed to file past years’ returns and can help in getting those returns filed properly.

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Amended Tax Returns

What happens when you file your income tax returns and later discover you made a mistake? Mistakes can be corrected if addressed within a certain time frame (typically three years from the date of filing or two years from the date of payment, whichever is later). The process is known as filing an amended tax return.

David Beck, CPA can assist in making changes after the original tax return has been filed. Additionally, amended tax returns can now be electronically filed! Let a NYC income tax preparation specialist prepare your amended tax returns. Your only job will be to sign an electronic authorization form!

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David did an outstanding job on our taxes! Even with multiple K-1's, kids in college and estate taxes, he knew how to handle everything. Great job!

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